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Weekend Planting

So my idea when setting up my garden on WordPress was to inventory things and then keep a journal of posts for myself in terms of events etc. I am slacking on my inventory, in some ways because I am actually distracted in said garden. We spent a lot of time this weekend in the yard overall, and of course, brought home a whole bunch of new plants. Most we have managed to plant, but there are still a few more… much for my inventory! Will work on making inventory posts for the new plants.

Other Updates for this Weekend:

  • I didnt fertilize this week – it was pouring on Wed-Fri, so left things be for the most part
  • I did a lot of deadheading – from the hanging baskets especially, but also from the poppies to encourage more blooms, and the tree peony because the “spent” blooms are ugly looking
  • I bought a Ryobi One+ 18V String Trimmer and Blower kit from Home Depot. We have heavy duty Stihl versions of both, but my emphasis on the “Heavy” part – I could make a rant about how difficult the pricey Stihl versions are to use, but let’s just leave it with me being ecstatic that I can finally reliably edge/trim things!!
  • It remains mosquito fest 2019. We bought a DynaTrap to help, but still feels like you are a choice entree if you forget the bug spray or miss a spot

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