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Spring Cleaning 2021


Mild weather throughout March allowed me to get a head start on some of the spring cleaning needed on the property. Before the snow melted, I was industrious enough to get started early with the Apple tree pruning. After 3 years, I have made significant progress on the overgrown/un-attended apple trees in The “Orchard”, and Im hopeful for another good season of apple eating.

See that pile of sticks near the bottom right? Yeah…those are from the smaller apple tree to the back right that you can’t really see….I pruned a much larger pile of suckers etc. from the main tree you are seeing here.  With temperatures staying warm, Im glad I got these trees done at the best possible time. 

Cleaning out garden areas

I do not clean out my perennial garden beds in the fall, and will one day make a post about that, but the short version for today is: I have a ton of clean up to do each spring. While still pretty early, Ive gotten started on a couple areas to help reveal daffodils that keep trying to grow etc. If the temps stay warm, I will keep working through April and have a great head start for 2021 Plants! 

Clematis Area - Before
Clematis Area - After
Front of House - Before
Front of House - After

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