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The bugs are out! Frontenac Provincial Park: Rideau Trail Day 08 – 04F to 05D

Flagpole Hill Panorama

Date of Walk: Monday May 20, 2024

Total Distance: 16.32km 

Total Time: 4:17:07

We have hit the point where we didn’t want to backtrack as much so have started bringing 2 cars. We left Landy in a good spot off the road at 05D after asking the RTA Facebook group about parking here, and purchased a day pass for Frontenac Park for an excellent long weekend walk in the woods. It was set to be a very hot day with lots of sun, in semi-feast season for blackflies and mosquitoes – we brought lots of SPF and deep woods OFF.  We also brought our poles after our Gould Lake adventure and they definitely came in handy in a few places.  Frontenac Park is a beautiful place where you are quickly surrounded by the not-silence of the forest. We heard many different types of birds, toads, and frogs along the way, and not much else – we did hear one barking dog and did finally come across 3 other groups of people:  one group of 4 hiking out after camping in the park all weekend (got a great sock recommendation from them!), a couple of other day trekkers, and a group of people out for a shorter walk closer to Perth Road. Bryan was the good wildlife eye today, pointing out a large snake to me and spotting the deer that we were then able to photograph (there were 3 of them, but the third was very camo and out of frame). Some kind of bird of prey did us a solid by circling overhead while we were on Flagpole Hill which was a nice touch. 

The last part of this walk when you leave Hidden Valley Road onto private property is not marked very well, and is clearly a less-travelled part of the trail. We made a couple of wrong turns and had to look around to find signs pointing the way more than once even when we hadn’t made a wrong turn. Unusual given how clear/obvious the trail has been to this part, but no big deal because it is easy to backtrack where needed here. Looks like next time we have a big chunk on the Cataraqui Trail which will be an easy start to the day.

The RTA infrastructure along this walk is excellent – their strategic bridges are a great help to anyone on these trails and it is crazy to imagine a group of people carrying all these materials in so deep in the woods! The ladder bridge thingies when you cross onto/off of private land are excellent – stable, good hand holds, easy to turn around/haul things over. Thank you so much to everyone involved in these, from donors to builders, to those who maintain them over time. 


Lunch of the day - mary brown's

We had originally had this plan to meet up with friends and go somewhere for lunch, but Frontenac Provincial Park is kind of in the middle of nowhere food wise/long weekend wise. It is also in a cell phone dead zone, so we ended up not meeting up with friends who were 45 minutes away in the opposite direction we needed to go 🙁  Originally just going to head home, we were close to Kingston so I took the opportunity to get my favourite fast food – Mary Browns. We also went to Mile and 1/4 Ice Cream for dessert and I had a vanilla soft serve dipped in lotus biscoff (COOKIE BUTTER) “chocolate”. It was so good. Love this place for all the custom soft serve and dip options! Next walk, we are going to check out the Opinicon – aiming for next Sunday to go 05D-06A

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