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Flavour of what’s to come: Rideau Trail Day 06 – 03D to 04C


When we made it to 03D last time, we realized there was no parking there so we decided to drive into Gould Lake @ 04C where there is parking and walk from there back to 03D to cover our next section of trail.  We had a great day, with weather up to 12 degrees and rain expected at 1pm. Starting out at just after 9am, we managed to avoid most of the rain, just getting some sprinkles right before getting back to the car.

The first section of trail back to 04A was a much more interesting walk then we have encountered so far – through a forested conservation area with lots of ups and downs and gorgeous views. We agreed this would be a gorgeous walk in full summer (i.e. with leaves!) or with autumn colours. I can definitely see us spending a bunch more time in and around Gould Lake in the future. We didn’t see anyone else along the trail in the morning, but we did see several beaver lodges/dams in the water, a turtle, an otter, and the back end of a deer! The area is very quiet overall, with only the sounds of nature until we got almost back out onto Freeman Rd.

The part from 04A back to 03D is much less exciting being pretty much all on fairly quiet country roads back into Sydenham. The morning walk was 11.78km according to my Garmin activity. We paused in Sydenham for lunch at Lenny’s Deli before heading back to the car, where we took the “short way” back along roads – so only 7.84km. A better ratio today than Friday for sure 😉 

Next time, we will come back to Gould lake and head NOBO and see where we get to – 04Eish?

Lunch of the day - Lenny's Deli

We read some great reviews of Lenny’s Deli for breakfast and lunch and decided to make a stop here a break in our walk. Bryan had a turkey club wrap, and I had the large pancakes with a side order of baked beans. I love beans, I couldn’t resist the add on.  I was very happy with the pancakes which were as big as my head, indeed I could only eat one of the two. Delicious thick cut bacon cooked super well done as requested. If I lived closer, I think I would be a regular at Lenny’s but they made me feel like I was regardless. Such friendly, warm, welcoming service, if you are in town in the morning or early afternoon, I definitely recommend. Everyone going on about the smoked meat – I will try this next time!

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