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A stroll on the Cataraqui Trail: Rideau Trail Day 05 – 03C to 03D

Rebecca Sydenham 03D

Chatting earlier in the week we figured we could take a quicker walk on Friday afternoon in addition to our longer weekend trek. As planned last time, we started out on the outskirts of Harrowsmith where there was convenient parting for the Cataraqui Trail leg to re-join the Rideau Trail. 

The weather was pretty great for April, and we had a fairly easy walk to Sydenham and back, about 13.5km of walking to take 5km off the trail – what can you do? There will be points where we bring 2 cars or hit up friends to shuttle us, but not yet! This was a fairly boring walk along a well maintained gravelly trail that used to be the old train tracks. There is a nice lookout point just beyond a bridge over a road, this section is at a higher elevation than I realized when we crossed that road.

We saw a few walkers, a few cyclists and a couple of dogs along the way, but fairly quiet for most of the way. We noted that there is no parking at 03D as our map suggested, so decided to start our next day at the end point and walk back to 03D, and have lunch in Sydenham before heading back to the car.

Since we came after lunch, there was no lunch today but we did get some delicious treats from Bread & Butter in Kingston, including a slice of carrot cake, a date square, and a milk & cookies square. We will definitely go back here for more treats in the future!

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