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NOT the Rideau Trail – Day 01 01A to 01BB


Don't follow the blue line

So Bryan and I were in Merrickville back in March, and saw some signage about the Rideau trail. This led us to thinking maybe we should try walking it – in chunks of course, because the whole thing stretches from Kingston to Ottawa and is over 400km long. This should keep us occupied for awhile.

We started this adventure on Good Friday, with Bryan having put info from Map 01 into his google maps to guide us. Turns out though, that the prominent dark blue line on Map 01 is NOT the Rideau Trail. Still, we followed the main blue line on the above map photo to Division Street, and then walked back downtown along Division. We grabbed a donut from Coffee Way on the way by – delicious! The faint green line in the middle – that is the trail we need to come back to!

Once downtown we were excited to have Edo Japan for lunch and happy to find Card Bakery open for some last minute Easter Treats (we got an apple crumble for 2!)

We also visited the Jones Creek trails on the way home which was a great addition to the day. Next week, we will try the Kingston section of the Rideau Trail again! 

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