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New Plants – July 6/7 2019

Not to miss a week of adding more plants that I have yet to inventory, this weekend we visited 2 new garden centres in the area and added 8 more plants to the team.

As per the photo above included are:

  • Annabelle Hydrangea
  • Sedum spurium “Dragons Blood”
  • Hosta – Ripple Effect
  • Mukdenia rossii “Karasuba”
  • Nepeta faassenii “Six Hills Giant” (catmint – the cats have no interest)
  • Oenothera macrocarpa (Missouri Evening Primrose)
  • Leucanthemum x “Snow Lady” (this is a dwarf shasta daisy – the ones around the orchard are a taller variety)
  • Sanguisorba minor “Little Angel”

Ive only planted two of these so far – the hosta and sedum under the maple tree. Will be gardening after work (As usual!)

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