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Magnolia, Royal Star (aka Victoria)

A wonderful gift to me this past weekend from my love <3

Early spring this year on my way to work, we would drive past this awesome shrub covered in star like white flowers. Later, on an early trip to local garden centers, I saw this shame shrub, and when I asked, was told it was a type of Magnolia. No, they didn’t know what kind; no, they didn’t have any for sale. Since then I have obsessively checked every Magnolia plant I encounter at a garden centre or nursery. I hadnt found one until this weekend when I saw two at Ritchies. At $79.99 for a #5 I was in “think about it” mode, but knowing how much I had loved that shrub and looked for it – I got lucky and was given a summer gift.

Hopefully she establishes well and gives us flowers in spring 2020. Will photo again later in the season.

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