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Landy’s First Post

This post won’t do anything justice – it is a quick one I am making to help me set up this page. But once upon a time…..

Once upon a time, I had a vision of my dream “Jeep”, except it wasn’t a Jeep and I didn’t know what it was. It was in a lot of movies with European or desert scenes, and by the time James Bond got a killer version in 2015’s Spectre, I had figured out these vehicles weren’t in Canada.  Anyhow, one day, we saw one in Toronto – and that’s when we caught the badging, and started learning more about the Land Rover Defender. Now, Bryan has always been into Jeeps and 4x4s and off roading things, whereas I hadn’t had this opportunity, and was mostly into the look of the vehicle. But….that made it VERY easy to convince each other we should get one – and seeing another one locally really got us excited – these are the greatest vehicles ever! Must Have!

By August of 2017 we had been working with Chris from Import Land Rover Defenders Canada who had worked with us to find a 2001 Defender 90 TD5 – we were so excited to get it! It needed some work, and an ocean voyage before we could get it. A hurricane interrupted one of the boats it was on, and it took a bit longer to get here than we had hoped, but this worked out well in the end, as around the same time we moved away from Toronto to our new home where we could have much more fun with it!

The first couple of years, Landy didn’t get nearly the attention she deserved, and work was slow spacing out the time we had to enjoy the vehicle. In 2020, she spent most of the year sidelined with massive coolant and steering leaks. After a serious discussion where it was reinforced that we are willing to invest in this dream car we were neglecting, we have started being much more grateful about what we have! We had the coolant leak fixed locally, and sent her out to Shore Automotive in Ottawa to deal with the steering issue (and install the Momo wheel we bought back on our trip to England in 2018).

Summer 2021 has us spending a lot more time with Landy, and I want to keep this motivation up! Ive been wanting to write about the things we have been doing, so set up a page on my garden blog to track things. If you have found this – welcome! Hope you enjoy our stories, and we would love to hear about your own Landy! If you don’t have one yet, I hope we can help convince you to get your own and join us as an owner of one of he most fun and interesting vehicles on the road 😊

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