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Christmas in July for Landy!


Ok, so…. Landy is a bit of a slow-mobile which is just fine, but a couple of weeks ago we got stuck in town behind a couple of scooters who were taking the lane, and to go around them in an oncoming traffic lane in a 50kph zone with zero acceleration wasn’t a safe option. We mused how our 122hp Diesel engine was slow. I later found out our 2008 Civic has 140hp, and my Jeep Compass a whopping 172. We had to be able to give Landy a bit more oomph….Bryan knew that Diesel engines have a lot of room for re-tuning etc, and did a bunch of research. Turns out – all kinds of people get their TD5s remapped, getting way more power. We contacted a few places we found online, and got a really quick and friendly response from the people at Alive Tuning.  

We are looking at doing a Stage 2 re-map of our vehicle. We had previously installed an EGR Bypass. We ordered a new Intercooler and air filter, as well as the Atric remap interface device.  IT TOOK LESS THAN A WEEK TO ARRIVE. We are getting things installed this week, and are so excited to see an improvement!

New fancy Intercooler
Boost hoses, Air Filter, and Atric thingie

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