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Burning bush (Euonymus alatus)

So this shrub does great in Eastern Ontario* and if you live here and if you do not have one, I strongly recommend. In late spring, it will get tiny flowers that become small dangling “berries” that birds like to eat. Its leaves are small and form a dense layer, quite a nice shade of green through the summer. But this is truly a fall plant, as the season changes it will catch fire, and become a stunning display of red. Mine came with the house, as a full grown shrub about 6 feet tall and 4 feet wide, but it has been a few years now and I have never had to prune or even pay attention to this shrub. It basically never gets watered or fertilized beyond what nature gives it, so definitely a recommended plant for anyone.

*So a little further south, this plant does so “great” it becomes invasive and is a real problem. I guess our winters freeze it out from becoming this bad, but I am aware there are many people who HATE this plant as a result. Kinda like me and sumacs….

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