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Bearberry cotoneaster (cotoneaster dammeri)

Planted June 9, 2018

Im a big fan of this low growing evergreen plant. The shiny leaves change colour through the season, becoming purplish in the fall. This baby grows small red berries in summer/fall and has tiny delicate white flowers in late spring (it is still flowering now in late June, but almost finished I think).

Ive felt like this plant isnt growing well, but it lives. I was reading into it a bit recently, and I think Im on the cold edge of it’s hardiness zone, so perhaps thats why. In any case, I keep seeing this plant will grow 8-12″ tall (or even more), but mine is definitely more like a ground creeper with only a couple of inches of height.

Im prone to calling it a barberry cotoneaster for some reason….

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