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The House

In the fall of 2017 we purchased a slightly rural century home just outside of Brockville, Ontario – quite the change from the 500 sq. ft. apartment we had before in Toronto!

We have about 3 acres of property, and maybe half of it is typical eastern woodland at the back (we have a lot of bugs – including ticks!). The previous owner had a very green thumb, and I inherited a lot of mature perennials, which set me up for way more success than I’d have had on my own.

the plants

Skipping the horror story of cleaning up the property of leaves after a fall/winter of no one doing it, in Spring of 2018, I had Bryan build me some raised planters so I could put in some raspberry plants and a rhubarb. Later, I found an awesome raised planter from Costco, and put in a couple pepper plants and a San Marziano tomato plant. Things grew – and it was beyond rewarding (though all my tomatoes were eaten by garden fiends).

Since then, we have made MANY additions of our own,  to both existing spaces like The “Orchard”, as well as new areas like the Office View.

I started using the Gardenize app in summer 2018 to track and inventory my plants, but I found it too cumbersome to update/add to plant profiles, and there was not a good way to “journal” built in. blah blah blah etc., I decided in late spring of 2019 to set up a personal blog for myself to have an online plant inventory/diary. Ideally, I will set it up so each plant has its own “inventory” post, and each Garden Area its own page. I am sure this will be a major work in progress! Welcome to anyone who has found this space – I hope you enjoy visiting our gardens and learning how I spent my last paycheck buying more things for the yard….