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A new ITG Air Filter for Landy


I’ve been thinking I need to be more hands on with Landy, which is why I’ve been getting more involved with some of our projects that Bryan is able to take on. As part of our recent upgrades, we were replacing our traditional air filter with a fancier one that will allow a less restrictive air flow into the engine and help on our quest for MOAR POWER! We installed the “Alive” branded ITG ProFilter, and by we, I mean *I* installed it 100% myself  :).  I watched a quick youtube video by Haynes which convinced me this was an easy job, and left Bryan inside watching Netflix. This was a 10 minute job!! The Youtube video was a perfect walk through – here is my photo journal of my experience, which is why it was a 10 minute job instead of half that 😉

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