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2021's New Garden Area- Part 2


Since our last post, I have worked on cultivating the soil and re-weeding the new garden area. The weekend before last, I had a yard of triple mix brought over, and I also emptied a couple larger containers from last year’s peppers and tomatoes to the pile as well. This past weekend, we finally finished up prepping this area, by spreading around/mixing in the added triple mix, laying down some landscape fabric, and topping off with a yard and a half of mulch. Sketchy murder barn still standing in the background 😉

"Before" Side View

Weekend of May 8

  • Pulled any newly grown weeds
  • Re-tilled existing soil 
  • Spread and mixed 1 yd triple mix across area
  • Installed landscape fabric
  • Spread 1.5yd brown mulch over top

Here’s a picture of what it looked like  after the above list.  Im very excited to get to planting, I received a great package of ornamental gourd seeds last week which ask to be planted outside in late may 

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