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2020 Tomatoes

Well, as per usual Im trying to grow a number of tomato plants. I expect to lose many to various critters who eat them, but am sure I can save plenty this year….I have dried carolina reapers from last yr that could make a mean pepper spray if it comes to it!

I have 3 San Marzano plants, 1 yellow pear, and 6….uhh…random ones (bought a 6 pack of “best tomato varieties” or something of the sort…we will see what we will get!)

One of the San Marzano and one of the rando tomatoes, I decided to plant in the ground vs. a large container. In the containers, I use straight triple mix, which is better for veggies than the dirt in the ground (so I assume – it’s hit and miss around our place!) However, we did a ton of work at the back, ripping out stumps/weeds/sumac root systems over the last few yrs, and this spring amended the soil with a bunch of triple mix, so popped a couple in that back spot.

The ground planted tomato plants are way smaller than the container tomatoes at this point, but they were also planted a week later. Doing well enough for now!

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